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01- 2- 2008
Dear Friend,

The Kerala Prvasi Sangham was registered under the Charitable Societies Act in the year 2003. This Organization became a novel platform for the well being of the Pravasi Malayalees both remaining as Emigrants and Returned to India after serving the Foreign Countries. The prime objective of this Organization is the development of financial, social, economical and cultural affairs of the Pravasees. The effective membership of our organization as on date exceeds 3 lakhs.

The Pravasees distributed all over the Gulf Countries are in a very pathetic condition. The problem aggravates when they are returned to their hometown without any saving and the encumbrances created for their foreign employment also remaining unsettled. The importance of rehabilitating such Pravasi Returnees arises at this Juncture. It is a fact that the Pravasees are making the India’s economy fruitful by sending their hard-earned foreign exchange.

We have made several representations to the Govt: of India, Govt: of Kerala for the immediate remedial actions. We have organized Protest March in front of the Parliament on 3rd December 2007 demanding new Integrated Emigration Act & Rules, Utilization of Emigration Deposits for the Rehabilitation of Pravasees, Development of International Airports of Kerala State, etc. Moreover, we have contested Protest Marches & Dharnas in front of the Govt: Secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram for solving the Citizenship of Pravasee Malayalees in Pakistan, Compensation for the relatives of Pravasees dying in foreign countries, Compensation for Kuwait War, Tsunami disaster, Certificate Attestation, Pravasees engulfed in foreign jails, Bringing the Dead Bodies, Exes Air fare charges, Safety & security for the families of Pravasees, etc.

The Govt: of Kerala have taken steps to constitute a Pravasi Welfare Fund recently. We have submitted our proposals as amendments to benefit the Malayalees residing abroad and returned.

We have started a Co-operative Society by collecting Shares from the Pravasees.

In these circumstances we are going to conduct our Second Annual State Conference on 15th & 16th of March 2008 at Kannur. As part of the Conference we are planning to organize Seminars, Symposiums, Cultural fete, etc. We require a large amount of fund for providing accommodation and food for more than 500 delegates from all over the state and the Foreign Countries attending the two days conference.

We request your organization for your kind Co-operation and help to Contribute as much as you can and make early and necessary arrangements to send two or more of your office bearers/ representatives as delegate to attend the conference.

Expecting your patronage.

Thanking you,

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musthaf's world..... said...

it is a very good effort,,,all the very very best for kerala pravasi sangham's today parliament march,,,miles to go,,,,,,,,no doubt ,,,it will be a mile stone,,,